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 Post subject: Rules for all of the UnderVerse 2.28 events
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:06 am 
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Rules for all of the UnderVerse 2.28 events
updated September 2013
please note the UK times may change with daylight savings


Rules for Mixed Fighter Madness - Friday at 4pm EST (9pm UK).

All fighters and any ship setups are welcome.
Since many desire to use bots and bats it will be allowed unless BOTH agree not to.
Please have your ship waiting in the Feudal Wars system at Planet McCoy.
Anyone disrupting the event will be asked once to leave, then they will be sent to Crematoria. If they cause further disruption there or jump into another ship and disrupt again they will be banned for awhile. These events take a lot of concentration for the event organiser and one person will not be allowed to spoil the event for everyone else.
Fights will be best 2 out of 3. In the interest of time, if one person wins the first two fights then the third fight may not take place.
The brackets used for the fights will be subject to change and will be sorted out on the night by the organiser
Contestants will sit still 4km from each other,inside the rocks and Wait for the organiser to count 3,2,1,GO before moving or firing.
The Feudal Wars system does not have npcs so you can use mines if you wish.
If both die, the first showing as dying is the loser.
Since you can't fight yourself you may only enter ONE pilot.
If a volunteer is needed during an odd-number-of-players fight it should not be a teammate, and will be someone who has been eliminated.

Rules for Cave Fights in Illumnion - Friday at 7pm EST (midnight UK).

The Illumnion system is restricted to the Mine ships only (VHF fighters).
This is a 1v1 event, only one ship will leave the darkness of the caves.
An Official will have ships parked at both entrances. When called, be sure your opponent is at the other entrance.
When you see the 3,2,1 GO, you may enter the caves and begin the hunt for your opponent.
You may use anything that the ship can equip to fight with.


Rules for Fighter Madness - Friday at 9pm EST (2am UK).

Welcome to Fighter Madness.
Both contestants will sit inside a rock. You will not move or shoot or until an Official counts down 3,2,1, GO.
Bats and Bots are all allowed. If both players die, the one showing as dead first is the loser. Fights are best 2/3.
An Official may medic the winner to speed up the matches.
Observers shall not fire on the contestants nor move into the battlesfield.
You may enter one pilot only since you can't fight yourself.
Good Luck Pilots.

Rules for Race the Gauntlet - Saturday at 2pm EST (7pm UK).

Welcome to the [RIP]Wyno Memorial Race the Gauntlet.
This is a 3 lap race in a clockwise direction. Shooting and killing is allowed.
If you die you simply restart your current lap.
NO DOCKING unless it is the final lap at the finish base.
Stick to the tradelanes where possible.
I will now pay you for coming, when I do please Dock.
Remain docked until I say 3,2,1, GO!
Good Luck Racers.

Rules for Guns Only Fighter Madness - Saturday at 3pm EST (8pm UK).

Welcome to GUNS ONLY - UHF, VHF, HF.
This is double elimination, which means you have to die twice to be eliminated.
This is GUNS ONLY, no ammo of any kind allowed. No Bats or Bots Allowed.
Please sell all Bats, Bots, CM, CD, MSL, TORP or MINES now.
When the two players are called they will make their wat to a rock each.
When inside the rock, participants will say Ready. An Official will count down 3, 2, 1, GO!
Spectators will NOT fire or move, instead sit still near McCoy.
Thank you ALL for coming. Good Luck Pilots.

Rules for Maru FFA King of the Hill - Sunday at 2pm EST (7pm UK).

This Event is for Maru's only!
This is a Last Man Standing Competition!
1 - All fighters will begin at the outside of the buoys in The Mosh Pit, and on countdown will enter the ring and attack any ships within the ring of buoys. (exception to this is ADMIN ships are NOT targets!)
2 - Once a competitor has been killed he may come back out to the ring of buoys and remain outside the ring to observe the event, but that pilot is eliminated from the running event upon death.
3 - All Fighting will take place within the boundaries of the buoys at the Mosh Pit. If you stray outside those buoys, you will be instructed to return to the ring! If you fail to comply you may be eliminated from the event.
4 - The use of cruise engines during the event is totally prohibited. Using cruise engines to regen shields or which ever reason may result in your elimination from the event.
This is a Guns Only Event.
Bots and Bats and ammo should be sold off prior to the start of event. Autobuy should be turned off to eliminate the chance of reloading of equipment.

Rules for Team Fight - Sunday at 4pm EST (9pm UK).

1. Since many desire to use bots and bats it will be allowed unless BOTH agree not to.
2. Please have your ship waiting in the Mosh Pit system near Center Stage and equipped per the rules of the event.
The times are posted and if you cannot be there by the assigned time please to not expect other competitors to wait for you. No pilots or teams will be allowed to enter after the first fight has been fought.
Every attempt will be made to include you in the event, but if you arrive after the posted start time or with a ship not equipped correctly you may not be allowed to enter.
To make things easier it is suggested that you arrive 15 min prior to event to aid in the setting up of the brackets.
3. Anyone disrupting the event will be asked once to leave, then they will be Reported to the Admins.
These events take a lot of concentration for the Event Official and one person will not be allowed to spoil the event for everyone else.
4. Since you can't fight yourself you may only enter ONE pilot.
5. Team Fight Rules:
A. This is a Team Fight Event.
Teams may be formed from within Clans but not inclusive to such.
Meaning all you need to compete is to get a teammate/wingman, it is YOUR responsiblity to get your team togeather., (Clan/Clan, Clan/Freelancer or Freelancer/Freelancer).
B. This is a OPEN CLASS fighter event. You may use any fighter available in the Underverse.
Both team mates do NOT have to use the same fighter.
C. Weapons will be limited to guns, one offensive missile or torp launcher, one cruise disrupter launcher and one mine launcher. For a total of three launchers one offensive, one cd and one mine.
(What this means is this, you may mount ONE offensive msl/torp launcher on each ship.. this does NOT mean that you can have one moray msl ammo and six launchers!)
The same rule will apply to cd's and mines.
Each ship entering will be scanned for legal weapons.
If you have more than one launcher for each type of weapon listed you will be asked to sell extra launchers prior to entering the event or asked to sit the event out.
***After contestants ships have been scanned and the event started, anyone leaving the system will be disqualified (reason for this is it is too easy to re-config a ship doing that and officials will not be expected to rescan that ship.. please do NOT leave the system after the event has started.)***
D. This will be a single elimination event if there are six teams or more, double elimination if there are 5 teams or less.
Each pilot will be allowed to re-spawn one time during their round and re-enter battle. (In effect a pilot can be eliminated twice during each round)
Once a pilot has been killed, after their second re-spawn, they will be considered to be out of the fight and will be expected to sit at the sidelines while their teams round finishes.
E. Each team will be assigned a planet to dock at prior to their fights and will re-spawn from there.
The teams will begin their round at the buoys just off their respective planets trade lanes and will wait for the official to count 3,2,1,Go.
F. Fights will take place within the confines of the buoys around center stage.
Contestants will stay within 7k of the center stage.
Any contestant further than that will be required to return to the 14k sphere surrounding the center stage.
G. Contestants will NOT re-engage from re-spawn until they pass the buoys.
(This would include ANY discharge of ANY onboard systems.. offensive or defensive. Doing so may dis-qualify that team mates re-entry to the fight.)
Contestants still within the boundaries of the ring shall NOT re-engage re-spawners until they are within the confines of the buoys.
H. In the event that it becomes evident a participant, or participants are stalling the fight, the fight may be stopped by the event official and a judgment will be made on the winner by the event official.
6. All the above may take some time to set up upon arrival of contestants.
So please be early and patient with the Officials as they set up the brackets and verify the contestants qualifications for the fights.

Rules for You Sank My Battleship - Tuesday at 9pm EST (2am UK).

Welcome to You Sank My Battleship.
All players will be divided into two teams. These teams should group into their own private chats.
Each team should quickly decide who will attack the other base and who will defend yours.
Once grouped, the Purifier will give you your base assignment and you can move to it to DEFEND it.
You should fly to the Start Rocks above the base (where the Purifier is sitting) and sit still on top of the rock at zero speed.
Do NOT shoot at the base as it is yours to defend! Stay 5k away from it though as it will happily shoot at you.
Please do not bump the Purifier as he is watching the base.
Once everyone is in position the Purifier will announce 3,2,1,go and you can start.
Pay attention to the bases in play so you don't attack the wrong one.
Round One will always be Bases 1 & 2, Round Two will always be Bases 3 & 4.
If you are killed during the round you may immediately respawn and resume your role until the round is over.
The Purifiers watching the bases may announce which base is taking damage first (but this may not always be the bases which is destroyed first).
It will be announced when a base has been destroyed. At this point the fighting should stop and you should return to the planet for restocking and instructions.
Payouts will be done after the final round, usually during the free-for-all.

Random events:


Rules for Nomad

Reluctant greetings to the UnderVerse…
I come from outa space! From another planet, another system, another Galaxy, another Universe, Outa Sight!!!
The Ghost Lane Trade Consortium, when they were going underground some time ago, hit on our hideout where we survive amongst pestiferous vermin who devour our depleted but not totally extinct members.
I sneakily sneaked out upon their departure and I managed to follow their slimy trail back to you in one of our own breathtakingly revolutionary enhanced organic ships!
Now I seek vengeance for my people, my race. What you have dastardly done to us in the Sirius sector, will never be obliterated from our memory!
I will survive; we will survive and live everlastingly forever!!!
This is my quest! This is my promise!
I am here, I am there, I am everywhere! Catch me if you can!
Now, your duty is to find him, hunt him, kill him, burn him, pulverize him, atomize him and annihilate the leftovers to be sure he won’t come back, or he will overpower the humans. And it will all be Your fault if he achieves his goal!!
Now board your ship, and for a 100 million credits reward for his destruction, slay him before he possess you, body, mind and soul.
This is a random event! So keep your eyes open!
It's a wild goose chase! Try to catch him if you can... But if you do, you will be the hero of the day who saved the UV from disaster!
The killer of the Nomad will get 100 mill, anyone else in the system will get 25 mill credits for their efforts of tracking him down!

Rules for Get Roadkill

Welcome to the Get Roadkill event! Here are the rules.
Roadkill is in a Maru with standard guns and shield.
Roadkill is always parked within 15km of a dockable object (including Wormholes, Warp Stations and Tradelanes).
If you find and destroy Roadkill first, you get $100 million.
Anyone else in the system who was also searching will get $50 million.
Roadkill will do this for three rounds.
Players are not to target others in the system in which Roadkill resides.
Who wouldn't want to take home some steaming Roadkill?!

Older events, posted here in case they make a comeback.


Rules for Beat the Bomb -

Welcome to Beat the Bomb. Feudal Wars is now a closed system.
Only Officials and the two Factions are allowed.
ALL players can carry ALL CD's. All players can carry Bots, Bats & CM's Only!
BOMB ships can can carry ALL ammo including Mines, Torps and Msls.
BOMB ships may start up to 15k from their planet.
BOMB ships must always keep an Official on their scanner (<15k).
The Officials will scan both teams to ensure the correct loadout is being adhered to.
Attackers may fly back to their own planets to restock at anytime.
NO Planet Diving by anyone for the duration of the round.
Thanks to both Teams for Coming!
Good Luck Teams.

Bomber event -

This event will be BOMBERS ONLY
Where: Mosh Pit
Team Event 2 vs 2
Use any BOMBER SHIP you wish to use!
Torpedos, Cruise Disruptors, Mines, Guns and Counter measures ONLY!
Starting platforms have been added, these platforms are not solid objects and players are able to "fly through" them.
When it is your turn to fight, teams will either be assigned to specific platforms or the host or Regulator will let each player decide which platform they will start from.
One player per platform!! All players must be directly above their platform and less than 200m above it.
When everyone is in position and NOT moving, we will start the 3, 2, 1, go! Count down.
Fighters may not leave the area designated by the flashing yellow buoys.
The starting positions are simple enough that a preschool child can understand, please don't make it difficult.
I've had a few players question me as to why I want to start this event with everyone so close together. The answer is simple.
I want this event to be different from the other PvP events.
Think of it this way. It's a 2vs2 duel, old west style. Back in the days of the old west here in the U.S., 2 gun fighters would face off in the street.
Standing just a few paces from eachother they would stand still and then try to draw and fire their gun before their opponent could do the same.
The gunslinger that was the "fastest draw" usually won. This event is sorta that way. Except that it is 2vs2 and we have more than just guns to use.
Single Elimination! If you die, you are DONE!
No Cruise Engines!! This rule is for the purpose of keeping the event from running too long!!
Spectators are to watch and NOT fire ANY weapons!!
No excessive chatting during the fights, it distracts some players.
No firing weapons after the host or the Regulator has announced that the event is starting or about to start!!
Upon entering the Mosh Pit system players are to hold their fire and not shoot ANYONE!! There will be an FFA at the end of the event!!
Bomber class ships are as follows:
Dark Angel
Guardian (Special)
Devourer (Special)
No other ships will be allowed to participate!

 Post subject: Re: Rules for all of the UnderVerse 2.28 events
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:32 pm 
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