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 Post subject: Saturday Afternoon Events 09th April 2016
 Post Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:26 am 
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Saturday 09th April 2016 events by GoulTek
Posted on behalf Goultek
Will be hosted by DD, if Goultek cant make it or if he is unable to make it due to say work etc
or if DD cant make it Someone will host.

2pm EST(7pm UK Time)

System: Gauntlet

Ship Type: Any ship can enter this event,

uv51 Rules
Please arrive 10 mins before the event.
When you arrive at the system, please remember to dock at the start line to save your Respawn Place.
Any items you want to keep and not lost, the event hoster will hold them for you.
once the 5 min warning has been posted, all players must hold fire.
after the 5 min warning, all players must undock...
Once players have received there Event Join Prize. You must Dock and wait for the admin to move his ship. and will let you know when he or she has.
then all players goto the launch bay and say ready when you are ready.
adnd then the admin will count.
but please for 3,2,1,go...

the prices are as follows
1st place 999,999,999mill
2nd place 300mill
3rd place 200mill

entry payout 100mil -- this is what you get when you enter the race or fighting within the race ;)

Yellow shirt for the most kills
Payout = 100mil for this Shirt

only if Daz is hosting
once all players that are racing, dock at the finish line, you are not to engage in the fighter,
you must stayed docked.

once the 5 min warning is announced, you must not shoot any other player

Feudal Wars System Events

4pm EST, (9pm UK Time)

posted on behalf of Goultek

System: Fedual Wars
Rules for Guns Only Fighter Madness - Saturday at 3pm EST (9pm UK).

Welcome to GUNS ONLY - UHF, VHF, HF.
This is double elimination, which means you have to die twice to be eliminated.
This is GUNS ONLY, no ammo of any kind allowed. No Bats or Bots Allowed.
Please sell all Bats, Bots, CM, CD, MSL, TORP or MINES now.
When the two players are called they will make their way to a rock each.
When inside the rock, participants will say Ready. An Official will count down 3, 2, 1, GO!
Spectators will NOT fire or move, instead sit still near McCoy.
Thank you ALL for coming. Good Luck Pilots.

prizes :
Entry Fee: 100mill
Per Kill: 50 mill

1st 200mill
2nd 150 mill
3rd 100mill

- See below for details

This Week is: (Will be decided on the day, so please make sure you got your ships ready)

Participation: 100,000,000 Mil
Per Kill: 50,000,000 Mil
1st Place in Class: 150,000,000 Mil
2nd Place in Class: 120,000,000 Mil
3rd Place in Class: 90,000,000 Mil

Extra Notes for all events above

Extra Rule Only when DarkDaz is hosting, no shooting the host

Please Not i can not beam you to the systems
so if there is a admin on at the time. you can pm them if they are willing to beam you

please note that with alot of stuff going on my end i may or maynot be able to host events this week end but will do my best,,,

all my posts that i post either new topics or replies, will always be a LOL , LMAO, Factor reply :) :)
kind regards
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