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 Post subject: Return of the 'Race the Gauntlet' event on Jan 30th 7 pm EST
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2021 1:28 pm 
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Return of the 'Race the Gauntlet' event on Jan 30th, 7 pm EST

For the moment it looks like we can't reactivate former European players, so it
might make more sense to move the events that got people interested closer
to the FM Ultra event.

Since the race did take up more than one hour when it still was a 3 lap race
i'd like to keep it's starting time 2 hours away from FM Ultra.
While we are still doing only a 1 lap race it will be followed by the Cave Fight event.

This means that the new time table looks like this:
At 5 pm EST there'll be the G/O-event at Feudal Wars
At 6 pm EST there'll be the Mixed Fighter event Mick once hosted at Feudal Wars
At 7 pm EST there'll be the 'Race the Gauntlet' event
At 8 pm EST there'll be the Cave Fight event at Illumnion
At 9 pm DwnUndr and Soupman take over with the usual Fighter Madness Ultra event

At the moment the Gauntlet event will have only one round and
the price money will be only a third as well if I am the only host.
If one of the admins is co-hosting the payments might be as they
always were, unless the admin has any objections.
The payment for partaking will remain 100 million.

Later additions in the quote are in RED and ITALIC!
[NEC]Gray_Mouser wrote:
Since I agreed to host the 'Return of the Gauntlet' event (at least according to Sev)
I thought Saturdays might be a good time spot for this.

23.00 h should be still not too bad as starting time for Germans or Frenchmen and
maybe not too early for the members of the EST tribe and for Brits it should even be in a
quite sweet spot at 22.00 h.

{KEA}BOBBY wrote:

This is a race event to be held every Saturday at 2 5pm EST, directly prior the Guns only event.
It's Back so come along and have some fun all who came last time had a ball.

Everyone receives 100 million for participating.
Most Kills----- 100 Million
3rd Place----200 100 Million.
2nd Place---300 200 Million
1st Place--1 Billion 300 Million.

That is not a type O making this the richest event on the UV at present. Come along for some fun and your chance to get yourself 1,000,000,000 credits.

The winner also has there name printed on the Prestigious [RIP] Wyno Memorial Race the Gauntlet Cup as seen below.


The person who gets the most kills in the race will have their name printed on the yellow Jersey as seen below.



This is a 3 one lap race.
You can choose any ship to fly.
Players may shoot and kill each other at any point in the race.
Each Player must first dock at the Start line before race and must not dock anywhere until the final lap.
When you have finished the race you must sit near finish line or remain docked and not engage anyone.
Each player must dock at the finish line at the end of the race.
Each players lap count will be verified by a race official who will be at the finish line.
Racers should try and stick to the trade lanes where possible.
In the event two players tie for the yellow jersey (most kills) they will have a fight at finish line to determine winner.

 Post subject: Re: Return of the 'Race the Gauntlet' event on Jan 30th 7 pm
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 9:24 pm 
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Joined: Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:09 am
Posts: 426
Unfortunately I overslept the first two events.
When I joined belatedly for the Gauntlet event only the two usual suspects were on vent
and claimed rightfully that the Gauntlet race with only 3 players isn't really interesting.
So I left about 20 minutes after the normal starting time.
Nobody else had arrived for the Cave Fights so I switched to my FM char after 15 minutes had

If any former player reads this I'd be open for suggestions what event you'd like to do and at
what time and at least I'd be available at that time to host the event and to play a round or two
with you.

If anybody has problems to find his FL CD there is a copy hosted at
If you register for the forum you can find every other download you need to run the UnderVerse
mod on your system and there you can find a lot of advice how to run it on Windows 10 as well.
If you need any technical support for running the UnderVerse mod just make a post at the forum.
I am quite sure that you'll still find somebody that helps you (even if it's only me).

I'll continue to try to host those four revival events through the whole of February but only every
other week. That means there'll be a chain of events at Feb. 13th and 27th.

If I couldn't attract anyone new for the February events I'll stop doing them. But there will be
events during the Easter weekend in April.

I'll try to make a post about the Easter events soon enough for a board admin to extract the
e-mail adresses of former players from the forum and maybe send a roundmail about it.

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