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 Post subject: Switching between mods in two minutes
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:30 am 
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Don't try to use the FLMM Mod Manager to switch between actual mods. That needs too much time and often ends in an catastrophe if FLMM isn't able to separate the mods clearly again what happens more and more often, since the mods have become too complex.

Do the following:
Rename your functioning FL game folder from Freelancer to Freelancer_UV. Do the same with the Freelancer folder that can be found in your user files under 'My Games' and has your personal settings like resolution, graphics and your keyboard scheme in it. Those settings are stored in PerfOptions.ini and UserKeyMap.ini, the latter is your personal keyboard layout if you changed the default one. The folder Accts might hold mod related automatic save files that might crash another mod. It's often the best to delete any files in that folder and it's daughter folders.

IMPORTANT: If you use an OS that's newer than Windows XP, you have to make sure that every .exe (Yeah, even the installation related ones) is run with Admin rights and that Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode is tagged. That's especially important for FLMM or you might experience unwanted surprises.

After you have secured your working installation of a mod this way, install Freelancer completely new. Then make a copy of that virgin installation and secure it for the future. You could name it Freelancer_Bkp for example.

Now read the installation manual of the new mod you want to use and follow the recommended steps for the installation of that mod exactly.

Normally they demand that you use a certain version of FLMM. It might for example even be in the zip-package that contains the mod.

If that is the case check if you already use that version of FLMM. If not use the recommended. If your FLMM is the right one delete the Mod folder of the mod that was actually activated in FLMM. That should be the 2.29 mod folder in your case. You might even delete all mods you unzipped per double-click in that folder (but leave the ones that come with FLMM alone) since you don't need them any more because you don't use FLMM to switch between mods from now on. The step of deleting the mod folder of the activated mod is necessary to reset FLMM.

If the installation instruction demands that you install one of the original Microsoft patches over FL do that before activating the mod.

Now double-click the big file with the .flmod file ending which is used for FLMM compatible mods. This unzips the mod into FLMM. After the unzipping activate the mod like FLMM suggests and you have another mod on your machine.

If you want to switch rename the new mod Freelancer_NM (That's just an example I did choose NM for New Mod, use an abbreviation that tells you what mod that is) and don't forget to do the same with the Freelancer folder in the My_Games folder. Now remove the _UV endings from the original UV folders and you are instantly able to play on UnderVerse again. Switching now can be done in 2 minutes, whereas it would take much more time if you used FLMM. And it works 100% whereas the FLMM method has a much lower success quote.

If you need another virginal installation of FL for some reason (e.g. for UnderVerse 2.30), use a copy of the Freelancer_Bkp folder you made earlier.

Have fun.


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