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 Post subject: Cave Fights in Illumnion, 08th December 2017 5PM EST
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:25 pm 
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Hosted by [GLTC]Darkdaz, <--- Darkdazs until further notice,
DwnUndr, is working late these days :)
New time is now active,
Note: this time slot maybe become a hour later but we will see what happens

08th December 2017, 5pm EST (10pm GMT)

Week 236

This will be held on each Friday at 5pm EST. thats new time of uk time of 10pm

Event rules:

Since many desire to use bots and bats it will be allowed unless BOTH agree not to before the fight starts.
Please have your ship waiting in the Illumnion system, there is no beaming to this special system.
Anyone disrupting the event will be asked once to stop, then bad things may happen to them. These events take a lot of concentration for the event Admin and one person will not be allowed to spoil the event for everyone else.
Contestants will sit still at Entrances opposite from each other. Wait for the Event Coordinator to count 3,2,1,GO before moving or firing.
If both die, the first showing as dying is the loser.
Since you can't fight yourself you may only enter ONE pilot.


$ 75 million for participating (only one payout per person)
$ 25 million per kill

1st place in Class: $ 150 million
2nd place in Class: $ 120 million
3rd place in Class: $ 90 million

DarkDaz can not beam you to the systems
But if there is a admin on at the time. you can pm them if they are willing to beam you
(this is only if you are going to be watching, then you can be beamed
but if you want to join in, please buy a ship from Goultek's hideout near Illumnion jumpgate in rock'n'roll system)

An Extra Rule
when DarkDaz is hosting, no shooting at him until he says you can

Provided i can get on , caves will happen, so it depends if i can get on ...

all my posts that i post either new topics or replies, will always be a LOL , LMAO, Factor reply :) :)
kind regards
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