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 Post subject: The Hunt for Mad Mouser, Sun, Feb 18th, 6pm EST
 Post Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:44 pm 
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The Hunt for Mad Mouser, Sun, Feb 18th, 6pm EST

Unfortunately Mouser forgot to take his medication again. Now he went wild and is driving his Candy~Van (with the plate: [NEC]MM's_Candy~Van[N] across the whole UV. If you join this event then you have to hunt down Mouser and destroy his van, which will drop a can of Mountain Dew. If you beam this can of Mountain Dew in your ship and give it back to Mouser after he is healed and released from the asylum (speak: Respawns) then you'll get a reward of 300 000 000 Credits for your service to the UnderVerse community.

If you are under age and want to join the event you'll have to tell Mad Mouser explicitly that you are under age, because in his mad fettle he might use inappropriate language and harass you if you don't do that. If you are an adult then you join at your own risk and should consider not to join the event at all if you have a problem with harassing and/or slightly inappropriate language but hopefully Mouser will try to keep at least a standard that should be OK for 16+.

Everybody who joins the event gets paid 25 000 000 Credits at the start and might leave any time after that but it would be nice if he would at least say that he is leaving.

The Candy~Van starts 1 System apart from the other players and if you switch between ships (you should only be online with one ship that is hunting during the event), which is allowed, then you should only switch to chars that spawn in systems that are one system apart from the one in which Mouser is located when the switch takes place. Mouser might consider to withhold your reward if he has the feeling you joined in the same system.

Players are allowed to shoot each other at any time during the event especially to get the Mountain Dew that was dropped by the Candy~Van or any other char.

If the players are enthusiastic enough and/or Mad Mouser has the feeling, he hasn't harassed the players enough during the first round, then there might be another one.

You can join the event with any ship that you think is suited for it (that means: YOU CAN USE ANY SHIP).

Since there were some problems with ships that didn't drop the Mountain Dew, the ships are restricted to the following ones for the moment:

The Candy~Van will be a Saucer Camara (Since the Saucer didn't drop the Mountain Dew in my test series). But this might change from event to event.

Speziell für deutsche Spieler findet dieses Event um 0.00 h statt, siehe auch deutsche Anleitung:
Subject: Die Jagd nach dem verrückten Mouser Mo., 19.02.2018 0.00 Uhr

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