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 Post subject: Faction Overview......Which will be your Destiny ?
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:42 pm 

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An eerie song of engines accompany a massive spire of carbon and iron landing upright. The monolith clamshells open vertically, a pair of praying hands separating to announce the arrival… of the Rykengolls. Blind Siamese twins – stitched together – back to back, limb to limb, they move like one living organism trailing a train of daggers, each dagger once used to blind one of their own. Only the blind can see the One True God". Currently petitioning the Tabula Prima for recognition as a true religion, this petition is widely disputed by many races who see the Golls as a dangerous cult. Stories of Rykengoll recruitment campaigns are widely reported throughout the Kovan sector. Ravaging their enemies, the downed and defeated are blinded and literally stitched into the brethren. ***Blood Enemy ( no alliance allowed) of the Elementals ***

A horrifying quasi-human cult, notorious for its brainwashing and self-mutilation practices.
a strange religion where converts are blinded and stitched back to back.



A race of man so moved by the teachings a mathematics of Plato and the Greeks “the beginnings is the most important part of the work. That they adopted the five elements of Platonian physics – air, water, fire, earth, and quintessence. Elemental sightings are rare outside of the own home world of Quintessa. It is there, secluded among their own, that they engage in the calculation of the known universe. Their Everestean computers continually gather and input all known information, processing the protean permutations involved in calculating the cosmic balance. They have 33 different words for it, but of late they seem most interested in the balance of opposites. Some think the Elementals Atheistic because they strive to be God. Others see them as a benign race only interested in the continuum of man. Presumptions aside, one thing is true, where walk the Elementals, Chaos must soon follow. ***Blood Enemy ( no alliance allowed) of the Rykengolls ***
A Humanoid Species made of nothing more than dense air. They have the ability to become transparent (like a ghost) when Blowing wind is present they can glide through air for long periods of time...I have had quite a few discusions about people saying they can fly...That is not the case, they are so light with no weight(mass) they glide through the air for short periods of time. The Elementals are an evolution or offshoot of humanity..

In a nutshell ..the Elementals are a logical race.They decide all things based on the logic rather than emotions or personal opinions.

They are extremely Neutral and apparently normally will not get in the middle of other races conflicts...But they will take action if their logic proves it is for THEIR best interests..



From a world they named six would write the darkest chapters in the galaxy. Covu the first Lord Marshall, began the order “Necroism� and ordered the Necropolis built. Oltovm, the 2nd Lord Marshall and Builder of the Necropolis, created the great Necromonger armada. Naphemil, the third Lord Marshall, father of the Necro Philosophy, ordered the Necropolis unearthed and entombed in a large basilica ship. Baylock “the Brutal�, the fourth Lord Marshall, and last to be born to Necroism, would not live to see his visage eventually grace the Icons left in the Necromonger’s wake on so many murdered worlds. Kryll, the fifth Lord Marshall, brought about the “Quasi-Dead�, fragile yet powerful beings whose use to the Necros evolves even today. Zhylaw, the Sixth Lord Marshall, adopted the Necromongers darkest philosophy, for those races unwilling to convert, their penance shall be Infanticide. ***Blood Enemy( no alliance allowed) of the Furyans ***

They are a constantly moving race, constantly moving around as their end goal is to conquer since they can't reproduce..A group centered around "Death" or " Necroism" as their religion..The primary belief of this religion is that life in this universe is a mistake which must be corrected!! The goal of all Necro's is .... getting to the UnderVerse, which is another universe in which life is cherished and even the dead are brought back to life..One main Necro rule that is Dictated and never questioned is "you keep what you kill."

They are another offshoot of humans (Biologically) but they can't reproduce they expand their numbers by conversion...

In a nutshell ..the Necromongers are a Conquering race.They decide all things based on Bloody Battles, they are not interested in ruling planets. Once they have converted a certain percentage of the population they leave. However, they have a law dictating they destroy all human life left before exiting the system..

They are extremely Hostile to all humaniods and will apparently get in the middle of other races conflicts just to conquer all of them... they work soley for their own interest of reaching the afterlife of the UnderVerse.

Necromongers are enemies to Life.



A dead world now, but there is evidence of a thriving and spiritual warrior race. Little is actually known of this race since exo-archeologists are reluctant to travel here: Some say that’s because of the eccentric orbit of the planet, making it difficult to chart some say its because the planet is simply cursed. But there is evidence the Furyan race was growing rapidly both in culture and hostility at the time of its great demise. Rumors say that in one genocidal wave, some dark force erased a generation of the Furyans, extinguishing their future. ***Blood Enemy ( no alliance allowed) of the Necromongers ***

Furyans themselves are impressive physical specimens. They are stronger, faster, tougher, possess acute senses, more resistant to damage and injury, possessing immense stamina, and recover quicker than most of the Human races in the Riddick Universe.

The Alpha Furyans, in particular, possess "Eyeshine", which allows them to see in the dark. The idea of Riddick paying a doctor to give him the eyeshine is just a story to increase Riddicks EGO... Eyeshine was actually bestowed upon him by a woman ( a lot of people say it was an Elemental, but it is never clear who did this). Another concept is that eyeshine can only be possessed by an Alpha Furyan..To become an Alpha Furyan you must have killed "X" number of people and be one of the elite warriors of the Furyan race..

Furyan's work for themselves and are Blood enemies of the Necro's!!



Merchants Have been Traveling through the outer boundries of the UnderVerse in huge cargo ships sleeping silently in their Custom Cryo preservation units for over 100 years. the merchants of the UV traveled to the center of the UnderVerse in search of class m planets with central locations for their distribution needs. when the on-board computer woke them from their slumber they found that the computer had located a new home world for them.

Planet Reno ,, It suited their needs perfectly.

an oxygen based atmosphere with large underground caverns for the storage of goods and commodities..
The Merchant race is thousnads of years old and they are a legacy weapons specialty Race. they employ more than 1200 ships and suppliers and successfully offer hard to find items and special services to more than 250.000 clients based in the UnderVerse. their Organization has a state of the art infrastructure and is equipped with skilled resources that have been persistently supporting their sales team in pre-sales and post sales services. This has facilitated their customers in increasing their Profit margins multifold by using superior weapon technology against their enemies,
Their Firm is located in the heart of the underVerse and stands ready to supply you with everything your wandering heart could desire.

The Merchant Motto is: "The Creed is Greed"

 Post subject: Re: Faction Overview......Which will be your Destiny ?
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:25 pm 
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these are just descriptions .. it is or should be well known we do not Force RP here at the Underverse

you the player Make your RP ... we want you to enjoy yourselves and not be placed under difficult to follow RP rules like some other servers.

Remember to Have fun .. thats why we built this Mod



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