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 Post subject: Server Rules as of April 9th 2012
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:55 pm 
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Rules for the UnderVerse version 12.3
Thanks to [RIP]Oddjob for cleaning these up. :)

The UnderVerse is a Role Play Game server (RPG) with a description of details within the rules. This is not a role play 'ONLY' server. We understand some games are for role play only but not here. It has been proven for years that our membership has enjoyed learning when to be 'in character' and when to 'be out of character 'brings the best enjoyment.

All players are expected to show respect to one another, while involved in social interaction within the game, on the website, in chat, and on our Ventrilo voice server according to the rules set down by the [RIP] Team. It is not the intention of the [RIP] Team to provide a place for people to become adversely affected by role play that involves violent aggression and bad attitudes.

Players must know how to control themselves.

Our admins are called ~Purifier~ and ~Regulator~. Once you read this manual you can trade it to them for $5 million in credits. Warning: if you keep it too long and your ship gets destroyed, you will lose it.

This is our complete set of rules and they supersede the rules in the Manual and the readme file that comes with the mod. All players are responsible for knowing them.

The UnderVerse Manual is your guide to the UnderVerse. Don't sell it! An Admin, called a ~Purifier~ or a server helper called a ~Regulator~, will give you money for it once you have read it.

New players should turn their music up to 50% and listen to the voices outside Planet Origin and at each of the five wormholes you will find there. We HIGHLY recommend you take the jump into the Merchant Alley. The other wormholes go into very tough territory for a new player. You can't return to the Origin.
How do you make money in the UnderVerse? Shoot the red npcs for good lootdrops, mine in our asteroid fields, loot our wrecks, ask someone about a good trade run or take missions.
Our ships and gear look expensive, but once you get going you can make $100 million/hour doing some of the above. Heck, you can make $75 million just entering various tournaments. More if you do well. Merchants can sell you the best fighter shields, thrusters and armor.

Server rules and information:

1.0) Name restrictions: No one may use the names Riddick or Vin Diesel, they are reserved for the real McCoy should he ever come to visit us.

2.0) Role Play:

2.a Major Factions:
Rykengoll, Furyan, Elemental, Necromonger
Please note that we do not give special weapons or ships to each faction or clan. (Merchants are the only ones with access to special equipment).
Once you have been approved by the Admins on the forum to join a faction, you must create new characters (or ask an admin to rename an existing one) named thusly:

[F] (for the Furyan faction)
[R] (for the Rykengoll faction)
[E] (for the Elemental faction)
[N] (for the Necromonger faction)

Those tags go at the end of your name.
See our website for the history and storyline for each of these Major factions.
For example, [GoN]Fishin[E], would be an Elemental in Clan [GoN].
The above four Major factions define role play in the UnderVerse. You must apply and be approved by the Admins before putting on a faction tag. Your clan must have and maintain at least three members. Each Major faction has a Blood Enemy that can be attacked on sight if they are level 10 or higher and not in an event or special system.
2.b) Merchants: [M]
Merchants are considered a non-Major faction and the pilots shall be named thusly:
[clan name]pilot name[M]
Merchants are not considered a Major fighting faction like the ones above, but they are a faction and can buy systems (with admin approval). Merchants have access to special items that you can't buy. You may shoot them if you like, but then they may not sell to you. Shoot them often enough and not only will they not sell to you or your entire clan, but they may band together into a Guild and not sell to your entire faction. Every action has a consequence in the UnderVerse. An individual may NOT become a Merchant, you must join or form a clan.

2.c) Freelancers: If you are NOT a member of a Clan, don't use a Clan tag or a Faction tag. Simply use your Freelancer name and enjoy yourself. When you first arrive in the server to look around, you may already be part of an established team. If you are, feel free to use that name in brackets like this: [GoN]Fishin. If two teammates join you and all wear the clan tag, then all of your ships must put on that tag, no smurfs from then on. If you stay to play without joining a Major faction, but join battle against one, then you may become a target. A ~Purifier~ can rename your pilots for you.

2.d) Mercenaries: [MERC]
Starting with the 2.25 version, Mercenaries will be allowed under the following rules:
Mercenaries: Any pilot in the 'verse can attack anyone else if they are level 10 or higher and not in an event or special system. You can also accept money or items to make a hit on anyone if they are level 10 or higher and not in an event or special system. But now we also allow you to put a [MERC] tag at the end of your name if you want to 'man up' and let people know you are hunting. Not required, but allowed. Only Freelancers can wear the [MERC] tag and it does not have to be on all of your pilots.

2.e) Pirates: [X]
Starting with the 2.25 version, Pirates will be allowed under the following rules: The Pirates Domain here in the UnderVerse is Sovereign Space. They are not allowed to Purchase Systems since those are reserved for UnderVerse Factions only .. The Job of a Pirate will be difficult at the very least .. We wish you luck if choose to engage in this difficult Role play. Remember What Riddick Said: 'If you can't keep up, don't step up. You'll just die...'
The only Chars that can Role Play and loot as Pirates here in the UV will be tagged [X]PilotName[X] .. this helps us track Rep edits .. so unlike other servers you will wear the pirate tag before and after your name.
Any Players found to be Looting and role playing as pirates with Untagged chars to avoid the Rep Required to be a Pirate here will find those Chars Tagged [X] and Repped by the Staff without warning. There will Be a VERY Large Fine if we Find you have ignored the Tag Rule. And Trust me we will know ....
Pirates will be Hostile to ALL Factions and their System NPCs .. this includes Merchant Systems. This still leaves 64 systems you can traverse normally. Faction members Can NOT have a Pirate Character, only Freelancers can be Pirates here. Any Faction member caught Flying a Pirate Character will first be Fined and then Jailed and or Banned at the admins discretion.

3.0) Joining a Faction: Your Clan must apply and be approved by the admins before putting on a faction tag (Rykengoll, Furyan, Elemental, Necromonger or Merchant). To apply, you must have at least three members, all of whom have flown in the UnderVerse for one week with minimal infractions. To define your 'start' day each member must post in the "Hello, I am new here" thread so we know when you arrived. Once those requirements are met you may request a faction and a home system. The system will cost you 1 billion credits. Your initial faction request may be denied or delayed if there are already too many active members in that faction, we attempt to balance the factions so one is not more numerous than the others. An individual may join an existing Faction Clan at any time if they accept you, the faction tag will be added after you have been here a week from posting 'hello'. Members of a Faction may NOT fly a non clan tagged/faction tagged character, nor can you be a pirate or a mercenary.


3.a) Any Player Joining or leaving a Repped RP element of the server will now be allowed to keep all of thier Reg files during Any move that requires Rep Changes, our editing software can now handle all rep requests.


4.0) Taxing: Pirates (anywhere) and Faction members (in their Faction Space only) can tax other players. A player can only be taxed once per hour. If you are flying four trains, they can each be taxed.

5.0) Admin and Event characters:
~Purifier~ are the Admins. They will resolve disputes, perform faction edits, etc. They are to be obeyed at all times. While in uniform they cannot play, they are here to help. They fly admin ships with admin weapons. ~Regulator~ are server helpers.
Event characters...some of these may be Admins, others may participate by invitation. One of our events is known as Whack-a-Mole. You have to see this to believe it, hehe.

6.0) The Canis Major system in Furyan space is the only system that has a "reserved" planet and two Battleship bases. In this case it is for RIP, the ones who have brought you this mod. Since we may visit any other server hosting this besides our own we request that the planet called "RIP Homeworld" be reserved for us. The other planet in the system (Planet Crest) may be occupied by a resident Furyan faction with the understanding that "RIP Homeworld" is reserved for us should we visit. Fair enough, eh? Also, the Battleships' Phenomena and Wyno which orbit the RIP Homeworld shall not be occupied by anyone at any time. They are in memory of two of our fallen brothers.

7.0) Miscellaneous:


7.a) You may only be ONE of the following in the UnderVerse...Rykengoll, Furyan, Elemental, Necromonger, Merchant, Freelancer, Pirate or non-roleplay.
The only exceptions to this rule are for Admins and Event Characters.
I repeat, you may only belong to ONE faction! If in a Major faction you may NOT have a Merchant, Freelancer, Pirate nor a non-roleplay pilot! While following the above naming conventions, your actual pilot name may be anything that is not offensive and your five ship names do not need to be similar.

7.b) Non-Roleplay: [non]pilotname (for non-roleplay people). You may not participate in any events. You may attack someone if you choose but you may be attacked back regardless of rank.

7.c) Line Feed Characters: Pilots names with line feed characters in them will be deleted or banned.

7.d) Respect: If you are killed you may ask to be left alone for an hour. This must be respected.

If you Kill someone and they ask to be left alone you may not pursue that player for one hour .. even if your grouped friend or member had not killed that player.

Leaving them alone includes but is not limited too Killing them again ,Leaving the system they are in , Following them, Chatting at taunting or trying to block them and keep them from undocking. if they asked to be left alone they are off your radar ... Do NOT Speak to them at all ... move on for one hour.

Switching Chars to harrass through chat or other means will be seen as a Rule Violation and you will have Soup come looking for you, in other words Dont do it.

7.e) Battles...While it is fine to enter an enemies system and engage them, keep the battle moving. Please remember why we are relax, have fun and role play...not to run people off the server.

7.f) Blockades: A blockade is defined as leaving one or more ships sitting in a Faction's space with the intent of disrupting a trade route. This is not allowed. Normal transits of ships is allowed but these ships have to keep moving. Blockading your own faction space IS permitted. This rule applies to all factions.

7.g) Possible Cheating with Accounts: We are aware that sometimes two or more people in the same house may play on this mod. If so, to keep things straight, we require that you all be in the same faction so no hanky panky is done. IPs are logged, Freelancer account numbers are logged, we will know if you have been good or bad! Enough said, eh?

7.h) Safe Systems: No roleplay fighting is allowed in the following systems: Either Chat system (friendly pvp ok), the Origin, the four systems in each of the North and South 'Road to Glory' areas,Including The Underverse. also the two NPC Challenge Arenas. Furthermore, no interference of any kind is allowed in the mentioned systems, physical or verbal.

7.i) Language...keep it civil. Children do play here and we will not be amused.

7.j) Discussion of other mods in-game or on the forums...we encourage it!

7.k) Prison: Other forms of is not necessary to spell them all out. Our prison is called Crematoria. Escape is not possible, but the attempt will be spectacular.

Mod Additions: all coded contributions submitted to the Mod become the property of Team [RIP] and the Underverse. Full credit will always be given where credit is due.

Team [RIP] Reserves the right to adjust these rules as needed.

 Post subject: Re: Server Rules as of April 9th 2012
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:42 am 
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Bump for newer players, please read these rules

This one came up tonight:

7.d) Respect: If you are killed you may ask to be left alone for an hour. This must be respected.

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